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Nov Nic - Turkey  Sam - Turkey Exercise & the Daddy Horse
Oct Mom Mom  Pumpkins  Puppy  Trick or Treat Halloween Hayride, Pumpkin Patch, MomMom's Bday
Sep Butterfly  Fair 1  Fair 2  Fair 3  Fair 4  Fair 5  Fair 6  Fair 7  Julie  Nic Golf  Swim 1  Swim 2 County Fair, Swimming Lessons, Uncle Len's
Aug Birthday  Bowling  Bubbles  Counting  Easel  Easel2  Frosting  Nic - Garden  Nic - Light  Nic - Party  Party  Pie  Pool  Posterity More Nic's Birthday and Dani's Party
Jul Cake  Coaster  Coaster2  Party1  Party2  Sparkler  Steve  Tent Nic's Birthday
Jun Big slide  Bubbles  Farm Girl  Ice cream  No singing!  Princesses  Rest  Slipslide  Zoo Catching fireflies, Thresher Convention, Water slides, Zoo trip
May Dancing  Gambling  Sand & Water  Stinky  Training Ballgame, Gambling, Garden, Engines, Vineyard
Apr Manners  Manners Lesson  Nic Driving  Nic Lights  Sandy Wii  Tools Ice Cream, Outside Passover, Tools
Mar Chocolate  Daddy Rules!  Dizzy  Piano  Puzzle Dizzy, Sharing, Submarine
Feb Bubbles  Dress up  Jeep  Party  Paint  Party house  Wallpaper  Worm cake Sam's Birthday - Dress up, Party, Room Painting
Jan Bad girls  Feeding  Light  Puzzle  Wagon ride  Wagon wheel  Wagon  Wax job Building a wagon





Dec Balance  Bear  Chucky  Climb  Computer  Dance  Draw  Flowers  Nails  Presents Snow & Florida
Nov Nic:  Beach  Slide
Sam:  Beach  Climb  Cook
Thanksgiving at Aunt Debbie's
Oct Cleanup  Mom Mom  Necklace  Potato  Pumpkin Halloween
Sep Dirt  Hershey  Juice  Pillows  Potato  Setting table  Stuffed peppers Harvest, Sam-Cam, Zoo
Aug Ball Pit  Bed  Swing  Walker  Whistle Fair, Garden, Visits
Jul Nic:  Cake  Swim  Walk
Sam:  Bounce  Bread  Cook  Ground  Horse  Slippers  SuperSam
Birthday, Super Sam
Jun Nic:  Aunt Deb  Horse  Stairs  Toy  Triller
Sam:  Frog  Grumpy Independence  Idiot Boy  
Portraits, Father's Day, Hospital, Visits


May Movie camera is busted!  Shopping for a new one...had this leftover:  Triller Skunked, Dog water, Mother's Day & Pond
Apr Sam:  Afikomen  Bagels  Hair  Set Table  Spelling  
Nic:  Crawling  Spices  Towers  
MomMom:  The Swinger  The Puppy  
Mar Candles  Crawl  Swing Birthday Party & Baby Shower
Feb Sam:  Birthday Pie  Cookies  Playing DrMusical Experiments
Nic:  Escape!  Doing a 180
Jan Nic  Grunting  Situps  Sam  Presents  Kids & Dogs  Towers Winter again





Dec Candles  Dancing  Doctor  Fire  Hat  Playdoh  Rainbow  Skates  Talk  Zebra   Holidays
Nov Airplane  Boogie  Bracelets  Cookies  Fishing  Go Away  Nikki  Ping Pong  Piņata  Talking Home, Florida and Thanksgiving
Oct The Nicster:  Activity  Solid Food  
Samanthinator:  Mop  READING  Swing - Tom  Trick or Treat  Watering  
Sep Beth & Sam  County Fair  Dominoes  Climb Up  Slide Down  Mom September
Aug Feeding1  Feeding2  Feeding3  Jerry & Helene Nicole comes home
Jul Cake  Car  Cooking w/Dad  Cooking w/Grandma  Grandma & Puzzle  Julie  Nicole 1  Nicole 2  Punching Bag  Sparkler  Swimming  Uncle Tom  Walk on hands   Birthday, Visits, Nicole born!
Jun Sam:  Bribed  Closet  Motivation  Uncle Al  Pool  Vacuum Family Visit, Grad Party, Dad's Day, Pool
Dani:  Medicine Ball  Crazy Bag  Mitts  Pushup  Speed Bag
May Eating bubbles   May
Apr Dad-Slide  Dance  Julie  Mom-Mom  Monkey bar  N-Word  Slide  Swing  Y-Word Family visits, swingset
Mar Air Hockey  Jeep  Treadmill Starting day care
Feb Blanket  Cake  Escape  Tumble Birthday
Jan Alphabet  Mom_Mom  Horse1  Horse2  Pool  Reading Winter





Dec Apple  Birds  Deer  Discipline  Dishwasher  Dizzy  Giraffe  Horse  Hot Tub  Jealous  Light show  Ready to leave  Swing  Tire swing Florida Visit
Nov Well, nothing worth posting.  Unless you want to see Sandy nude. November
Oct Dancing   Laundry   Paratrooper Sam   Rocks   Slide w/Uncle Tom October
Sep Ball Pit   Cow   Towers   Door   Piano   Pony   Steps County Fair
Aug Giggles 0:47   Chain 1:07   Grandma 0:48   Tractor 0:38   
Tunnel 0:35
   Melon 0:55   B-Ball 1:11   
Grandma's Visit
Jul Berries 1:15   More berries 1:10   Fingerpaint 1:40   Foot Piano 0:48   Towers 0:22 Aunt Debbie's Visit
Jun Big pool 1:19   Bribery 1:49  Computer 0:59   Slide 0:53 Got a pool, Kelsey's PSA
May Flower Destructo Girl! 0:32   First Sandbox 1:35
First time in my new bed 0:33
   Playing with Puppy 1:06
Mother's Day, Sandbox, Remotes
Apr Walking the Tricycle 2:28 Hershey's, Outside, Climbing...
Mar Samantha vs. The Imperial Walker 0:18 Computer, Bubbles & Dogs
Feb 1st Birthday Party 6:42   First Tricycle 1:29 Birthday!
Jan Trapped in Tunnel 1:05   Upside Down 1:51 Exploring


2004 Video Photo

Home:  Chocolate (2:50)  Crawling:  The Frog Walk (0:48)
Uncle Jeff's:  Crawl (1:05)   Walk (0:53)   Climb (1:44)

Visit with Uncle Jeff & Aunt Maritza
Nov Walker (0:50) Visits:  Sandy's Family
Oct Piano (1:12) Portraits

At Home:  Solid Food  (1:14)   Water  (1:41)   4_Color Ad (2:42)   Keys (0:56)
At the Zoo:  Merry Go Round  (2:44)
At the County Fair:  Corn (0:47)   Puppies  (0:24)   Lamb (0:31)

Aug Saturday, 21 Aug 04, 8:00pm:   Just got a digital movie camera, so will attempt to get it online.  Used MS Movie Maker 2.0 (included w/XP); maybe DVDs later...
At the Doc's Office (0:43)
   Mom-Mom's Ring Tower (0:52)
Spring Chair (0:48)   Attempts at crawling (1:38)
Discoveries & Explorations
July n/a Visits:  Johnathan's Family
n/a Summer '04


Feb 04
n/a Hospital