Jul 06

Chef Johnathan made a cake for Sandy's birthday.


I got to do sparklers on the 4th of July Maybe I'll join the "Pink Ladies"...


Joining Daddy for pushups. I can walk on my hands!


CAUGHT!  Looking for candy... Now, I can brush my teeth by myself (but need help w/toothpaste).


Cousin Julie & Aunt Debbie visited me!


I jumped in the pool and swam to the ladder!


Grandma came to visit, too!


I helped make sauce!



What's in there? Nicole Gloria, 31 Jul 06, 08:32, 8 lb, 1 oz, 20 1/2"


Just after protective eye ointment. Groggy, but awake.


First visit, Sandy's parents. I'm finally here!


Tired, but worth the effort.