Jun 07

My Birthday picture in February. Daddy's Father's Day present was 3 portraits of little ol' me.


Daddy's Father's Day present was 3 portraits of little ol' me.


Boys are idiots... ...but Uncle Tom is OK.


Mommy's sister, visiting. 


Staring contest w/Aunt Debbie. I like Pop!


Daddy tried to get a group photo...


I have a problem w/secondhand smoke & had to spend 2 days in 2 hospitals.  They stuck a needle in my hand!


Got to plant herbs & visit Mommy's friend, Lucy.


Donna & Nic. Mommy doing what she does best...


LouAnn lent me a bathing suit for the hot tub. I do NOT look just like Grandma!


Tom & Nic.


Breakfast for Daddy. 


Of course, we had to help him eat it!


Sign language... Larry & Marcia.


Mad Mom-Mom... Glad Mom-Mom.


Jerry & Helene.  Daddy plants FOOD...and hoes. Mommy plants FLOWERS...but doesn't hoe.


Bronco tractor riders.


Go ahead, Daddy -- of course you can leave me alone, just turn your back for a minute... I like climbing Mount Jerry.


Helene brought me STICKERS!!! I like climbing, too.


I like rides. Computers are hard work...


Colette likes me. Only Daddy had sense enough to stay out of the rain.


Future Buckminster Fuller Fan.


Hi Dennis! Now I have my own Big Girl Brush!


I brush Mommy & Daddy's hair.  Isn't Daddy pretty?  Especially w/that hair thingy!


Working on my masterpiece, Daddy helps me clean up. Nic & Sam riding horses together.