August, 2005

Grandma Pat came to visit!

I think these sunglasses look better on me, don't you agree?


We built towers


I started making towers -- but it's still more fun to knock'em down! Hadda rest after all that work...


Grandma got me some bracelets, and did my hair up. I am JUNGLE SAM -- with BRACELETS!


This was sorta fun... Grandma & the Great Aunts


Grandma made me get a haircut... I want my hair back!!!!


I'm now strong enough to play with Pops' Busy Box! Pops cut me some more watermelon.  I am a watermelon fiend!

First time in tunnels at MacD's.

Tractor ride w/Mom. My favorite toy in the garage...

After all that, I'm still cute, too!