Sep 06

Mommy helped put on a spinning & weaving demonstration at the Fair.


Cuteness practice. WOW!  What a slide!


I like rides!


Finally, I get to drive! Eggs come from WHERE?


We're having WHAT for dinner?


Cooking w/Mommy.


I like the waterslide!



Dancing w/Daddy at a wedding.  I pretended to be a baby.


My first game, "Candy Land!" What ELSE can you do with Dominoes?


Playing w/Uncle Alan & Pops.


Playing w/Cousin Beth.


I LIKE corn! Sneaky Mommy took this picture while we were napping.


Uncle Tom came to visit.



Dr. Confer did the Caesarean for Sam & Nic. Cute, but potential troublemakers.



The Husky Pillow. Aunt Laura & Nic.


Aunt Debbie & Cousin Beth seem to think I'm a play toy! Cousin Julie & I taking a nap.



Pops & Chip. Brian needs a bath, he's got dirt on his chin.



Beth's new boyfriend. Everybody at dinner.