Feb 07

4 months vs. 3 years.


I made a picture for Mommy. Nothing like a banana...


I don't eat cake, so I had a birthday blueberry pie! I helped bake cookies.


What fun -- I get to make a mess!


We got snow!  I'm watching Mommy. TITLE:  "The NICE Husband"
So there I was, the driveway about 2/3's plowed, with Sandy watching Sam, and Sandy says, "That's not so hard, let me try."  Because I am a NICE husband, I left the engine running, (so she wouldn't have to pull-start it herself), then watched Sam, while Sandy pushed the snow blower.  Of course, I had to go get the camera, and then, because I am SO NICE, after only a few moments, I walked all the way down the driveway, just to point out to her exactly where the actuator bar was, and even went to the trouble of explaining that if it was engaged, the blades would spin.  No doubt everyone agrees that husbands just don't come much NICER than that!

By the way, ladies:  There is, in fact,  no such thing as "Justifiable Husbandicide."

Everyone should have a wife, I always say...


Mom-Mom read us stories, and gave us candy for Valentine's Day.


SLURP! Tower & puzzle time.


I've got this down cold! I am NOT "sloppy" -- I'm just an "Enthusiastic Eater"!


My very first Fruit Wheel! Pops & Me.


My sister is showing me her books. Playing is hard work!


I wanna grab the spoon! Escape!