Jun 08

"Honey, would you fly down to the carry-out for some milk?  That's a GOOD wi..., uh, wife -- yes, wife, THAT'S what I meant to say." Cute pair, aren't they?


Bundled up after a hard day on the waterslide.


Bubble time!


Daddy's Day.


What are you two doing in Daddy's chair?!?!?! Princesses.


Playing house. Rest time.  Playing is such hard work!


Learning "Asteroids". Catching fireflies.


Mr. Doug helped catch'em. Daddy made us a firefly house out of a Mason jar.


Haircut time.





This is new... I'm way too cool to eat peas, man.



First time on a waterslide.


They're so cute when they're sleeping...then they wake up, way too full of energy!


You can tell by their expressions they're trouble.


The water bottle is bigger than my head! Taxi service.


We want goats!


No, make that guinea pigs!


Look how tall we're getting.


First cotton candy for Nic!


Are we cute, or what?