June 06

Grandma came to visit!  Tried to get Grandma's necklace...we like necklaces & bracelets.  Daddy says this is a bad thing.


Jonnie-D and Aunt Deanna


Grandma has TWO sisters.


Cousin Dani tries to mow a straight line... Dani is too fast for the camera!


Cuteness practice.


We played on the swing! Dani & me reading.


Dani the Tom-Boy.


Pushups were not entirely a success.


Samuel's Graduation Party

The Grad. Got to see Mom-Mom & Pops.


The Grad & the Dad.


Everybody got to eat.


Brian seems to have some kind of dirt on his face. Went for a walk w/Mom-Mom.


Piggy back ride from Aunt Kat! Got to see Uncle Tom.


Offspring & Ancestors. "I'll be big someday too, y'know!"


Father's Day at Uncle Len's

Pops got some toys.


We visited, and Uncle Al cut holes in the box for me to play with.


Got to see Mom - Mom.


Mommy volunteers at Sauder Village

Mommy showed visitors how to weave on a triangle loom. Daddy & I supervised.


Daddy works while Mommy plays.


I got the cone away from Mommy!


Finally, just some pictures at home.

My toy vacuum. Rest time on the puppy pillow.


Bracelets! Motivation (see movie.)


Me & Mommy testing the airbed. I like tools


Got to see Pops.


Excuse me, where's the celery?  And the vodka seems to be missing, too! I don't THINK the balloon will break...


One of my favorite foods.


Me & Daddy in the pool.


Um, Sandy, what ARE you trying to hide? Oh.