December, 2005

Holiday Time!

Ready to go!


First plane ride...


Breakfast w/Grandma. Found Grandma's computer!


I like critters.


Fountain at Silver Springs. Glass-bottom boat.


I made Grandma chase me around the campground!  Uncle Eric & Grandpa Marvin weren't up to the exercise...


They wouldn't let me ride the giraffe.


Feeding the goats. Bird's eye view.


There was a light show at the park...


It appears the waitress was the same person who handles the sewage.  Hmmm...



They never let me drive.


Who IS this person? I'm ready to go -- somewhere!


I helped Grandma a lot!


I like swings.


Look, a walk-in refrigerator! Sleeping beauties...


Aunt Maritza & Uncle Jeff fed me.


Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Eric played with me.


Cousin Danny, building up her muscles.


Danny & the throw my Mommy & Daddy made for her. Uncle Eric & Cousin Lucas.


Grandma's Birthday. Fondue dinner!


Playtime w/cousins Lucas & Danny. Who needs toys?  I've got WRAPPING PAPER!


Modeling my new clothes.