April 07

I got a tooth! I can stand up!  (With a bit of help)


My first bath in the BIG tub! Toast -- so THAT's what my tooth is for!


Let's see what trouble I can get into...


I just KNOW this will make noises, if I can just push the right buttons...


Hmmm, a cable and a power switch...don't tell Daddy what I found!


Pre-Passover Feast -- Wendy's


Nic & Aunt Debbie



I WANT that wagging thingy... Look kid, the tail is permanently attached.




Let me take notes on just how full her diaper is... I look smart in Beth's glasses.


Us with our ancestor. Julie is trying to be pretty...


...so I got to try makeup! Good thing Daddy didn't know about this!


Julie's energetic boyfriend. Kevin, doing his engineering thing.


Finally, we get to eat!


Nic & Leslie. Larry & Marcia


Visiting w/Steve. Hi Fran!  Can I pull your necklace?


Mom, Mac & Nic. Outside.


Daddy let me light the fire! We colored eggs at school.


We learned how to use scissors at school, too. I like stickers a lot!

We went to Cabela's!





Got a hammock at Cabela's -- so Mommy can work hard outside... I'm helping Mommy rest!