June, 2005

A Public Service Announcement, from KELSEY the DOG:

My fellow canines:  Please do NOT bite those little flying yellow & black things.  They do NOT taste good.  And, you puff up all over when they bite you back! It took 24 hours & three anti-histamines to get me back to normal.


Where should you keep a baby when you're not playing with her?  In a nearby, handy drawer, of course! Not quite sure how she got in the middle drawer.


We have figured out how to get in the higher drawers... We like to make a nest.


We found the dog's pool!  Brown stuff unidentified (but not smelly). So, Mom & Dad got me a big pool and I helped to fill it.

This month, I went to a birthday party & went on a big slide! Helping Mom make breakfast.


I sometimes feed myself. I like to wear hearing protectors -- I can't hear anybody say "No!"

Starting to use a trackball; I know this button does something, sometimes. Trying on Mommy's new necklace.