April 06:  

Got my portrait picture taken.  I look so cute, you'd think I NEVER yell, cry, scream or have a messy diaper...


My first ice cream sandwich.  Look, Ma, no bib!  (Mommy, don't hit Daddy!) Mommy & me have ponytails!


Don't need music; just like to bang keys!  Mackinac doesn't seem to like my composition.


Got to see my cousin, Grumpy Beth.


Cousin Julie & I read books. Daddy asked her to change me.  She was just SO thrilled...


We cooked, too. Three of a kind -- Blonde Estrogen Units.


Me & Cousin Larry. Cousins Bill, Leslie, Lynn & Uncle Tom.


Me & Aunt Sara. Mom-Mom wore a hat, so I did, too.


Chip is even smaller than I am!
(Chip is the cute, furry one; Aunt Debbie is the other one.)
Me & Aunt Debbie.


A pair.  Of what, is not exactly known... Hey -- I just do letters, not whole words!


Me, Mommy & Mom-Mom's soup. Mommy teaches me how to eat carrots the RIGHT way....


Me & Aunt Cat. Julie got me a Bear in a box, so naturally, I play with the box!

Mom-Mom & Pops got me a playset!

Mommy takes inventory... ...while I make Daddy work the slide!


Well, they got PART of the tower built... ...so I can climb the rock wall!


Finally, it's done, so I can use the swing!


So THAT'S what a monkey bar is! I learned to climb a ladder right away, to get to the slide.


Me on the slide.  The slide is COOL!  I REALLY like the slide!  Did I mention I LIKE the slide?


A roof -- how cool! My favorite Daddy!


Mom-Mom & Pops got me a playset! Mommy's sitting this one out.


I like to pose. Mom-Mom & me.


We played chase!


Am getting the hang of this... ...I even slid down the chain!


Pops read me a book. Mom-Mom read me a book, too.