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Stuff I've found or been sent.

10 Principles of Economics

100 Years of Pictures

Accident Report

Air Force Test

"As I've matured..."

Ask a Mexican!

Astronaut Love Game

How Beer Works.

Billy Joel - We didn't start the fire.

Cartoons - Gaspirtz

Chuck Norris Facts

Bad day?  Click here

Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide!

Birthday:  How old were you when...

Birthday:  Other info...

BOFH (Archive):  Computer Geeks only
BOFH (Current):  Yes, that means you!

Bunny suicides.

The Call Center Movie!

Crabby Road

Will Farrell does George Bush.

What kind of Sports Car are you?

Darwin Awards:  My personal favorite.

A Dear Santa Letter (Adult Only)

We're out of Diapers!

Dog Tricks

Men In the Doghouse!

Don't Yawn!

Take the Driving Test

Driver's License Check

Drug:  New Wonder Prescription!

Panexa:  Another Wonder Prescription!

Eye Test  Test your vision online!  Men only...

Eye Test:  Online cataract test.

Fashion:  Wear a thong!

Frank Sinatra:  Sings "Strangers on my Flight."

Geography Test - 3rd Grade

Quiz:  Geek or Killer?

Mini-Putt Golf

Your Gullibility Factor

How many of me are there?

Dept. of  Homelife Security

How to Hypnotize a Man

Icon Story

Interview with an honest boss.

Your IQ Test.

Super IQ Test.

Lemmings Game!

Calculate Life Expectancy

Llamas:  Stupid Llama site.

Mailboxes:  If you need an idea for your next mailbox.

MAN Song Females NOT allowed here!

Mouse Valentine

Natalie Portman Rap!

Classic Nintendo

NSA is on the job!

How Observant Are You?

The OOPS list.

The Perfect Couple

She's got the PMS Blues!

cRap music:  Poop Doggy Dog.

Procrastinator's Creed

Pumpkin Carving

Puzzle with changing pieces!

Quail Hunting School

Questions about Stuff

The Meatrix

The Meatrix2

The Red Square.

What Santa's Reindeer do the rest of the year.

Wear your seatbelt!

Click if you're a Senior.

The Simpsons in live action!

Skeet Shoot

Sock & Awe Game


Truth in Advertising

Urban Legends:  Separate fact from rumor.

I'm Voting Republican!

Amazing Whale Picture

But, Will It Blend?

The Worm Game

Worst Case Scenario (Popular Mechanics)